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AppCensus App Search

AppCensus' free App Search tool has provided data to consumers, journalists, and investigators for more than four years. As we transition from an academic research project to a sustainable commercial service, we have been focusing our efforts on our core product and infrastructure. As a result, the App Search dataset has become "stale"—the results do not reflect current app versions, in many cases— and so to avoid confusion, we have decided to temporarily suspend the App Search service.
However, there is good news! We are now planning a complete redesign, with the aim of continuing to provide free data about app privacy behaviors to the public. To that end, you can opt to be notified when the new website is online, using the form below. So that we can better understand your interest, we would appreciate it if you would also answer the optional survey questions, which will guide our design process and the features we ultimately offer.

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